Who is he?

Dana Reed Thurston is a local musician who supports his addiction to music with a love for all things programming. He has immense experience in the financial IT world but came to the realization that the true future lies with Web 2.0. He recently made the move to transfer his years of programming experience to the Web. He is catching up quickly!

He is also a veteran of the Boston music scene and plays with The Allstonians and The Sprained Ankles. He has appeared on numerous recordings with the above bands as well as with "Spin-Off!", "Big D and the Kid's Table", and several other artists. He is a songwriter of some note and produces music at home with his Pro Tools set up.

But, wait! That isn't all. Dana is involved in writing, acting, and producing humorous videos with Britt Boughner in a group known as "Crazy Roomies". These videos may still exist on YouTube. Add on his cartooning and other visual talents and he is the complete package in the creative world.


Gate CFV

Designed and produced this site with Bootstrap 2, HTML5, and CSS3.


Worked with Bootstrap2, HTML5, CSS3, Expression Engine CMS, and some PHP.

J. Chester Johnson

Bootstrap2, HTML5, and CSS3 were used to create this personal site for the poet.

Spectacle Eyeware

Using Bootstrap3, HTML5, CSS3, LESS on this ongoing project.

An Artist Demo

Using Bootstrap3, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript to create the a demo site for artists.

Simple JavaScript

Using Bootstrap3, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript to create the beginning of a statistical site.

Web Tools

Photo of Dr Sanders


He has a solid grounding in the basic web tools but Dana realizes that the more you know, the more you know you don't know!



Dana uses GIMP as his main graphical interface but has used Adobe Suite tools to create, enhance, and manipulate images.



Dana's main editor is Coda2 but he thinks he may actually prefer SublimeText2. But, an editor by any other name...



CodeKit is the latest addition to the toolset. CodeKit facilitates the use of LESS and has JSLint included.



Expression Engine was Dana's introduction to CMS's. He has also used Luminate. CMS are a concept that has far reaching possiblities and methodologies between platforms may differ but the theory does not.



The advance in web technologies is a constant. Each element is becoming more structured making coding easier and clearer.


In 1992, there was the beginning of an explosion of Jamaican inspired bands. The Allstonians were one of the first of the new bands to appear. They originally married ska music with pop music but quickly entered the rocksteady and reggae genres. Their main songwriters were Nigel and Ken Knucklehead (aka: Dana Reed Thurston and Karl Schneider) kept challenging the band with new and different songs! Long story short, in the time since their inception, over 80 musicians have played with the band! Today, an older and wiser band have slowed the tempos a bit and have moved into a more jazzy style but still pump out great music. The Allstonians.
The Sprained Ankles have been around for about ten years. The band was originally formed by Drew Kazoo (songwriter of some note!) and Loggy. Like most long-lived bands, they have gone through personnel changes as musicians became fathers and mothers and generally moved on to other pursuits in life. When their original keyboard player and vocalist wife were slated to introduce a new "ankle biter" into the world, the Sprained Ankles invited "The Squire" (aka: Dana Reed Thurston) to replace Pat behind the keys. The Squire hass now been with the "Ankles" for three years. The Sprained Ankles
Spin-Off! was the brainchild of Darrell Morrow and Scott N. Howe ...of "The Hammond Group" fame. Darrell was also guilty of being a member of The Allstonians. The band had five different songwriters and vocalists of wildly varying styles but managed to blend everything together into a power pop sound. When you listen to "Spin-Off!", you can hear all of their influences blended to create a unique style of music. This was also the first band in which Dana Reed Thurston chose to use his real name! Spin-Off!